To Trim or to Paint

When springtime comes arond and you notice the paint on you windows and fascia are peeling again. It’s time to decide to paint them once again or cover them with aluminum trim and never deal with the back breaking problem again. Well there a few things to consider first.

A.Can I afford to trim everthing out?
B.Do I fell comfortable doing it myself?
C.And last but not least do I want to paint every year?
First things first trim is affordable if you do it your self with the products that we supply. If you were to hire a contractor to trim your house you’ll end up spending thousands compared to hundreds for the same out come. Another option is to rent a brake and by your own coil. The only problem with that is using an aluminum trim brake can be quite a challange in its self. So after the cost of the brake and coil you might end up save a couple bucks in material but lose money in the time spent learning and bending your trim and we all know time is money right?

Second with the videos we have put together any some what of a hanyman should be able to handle the job in front of them. Plus if any questions would come up during your job we are here to anwser your questions.

Third and last painting. Lets face no one want to scrape and paint there trim anymore. It might take a bit more time to trim out your house but once its done you wont have to worry about ever again.

If you have any question please fell free to contact us at any time at:
414-815- TRIM (8746)