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Aluminum Brick Mold Without Return
Window Sill With Brick Flashing
Aluminum Brick Mold Trim

Customer Reviews

Excellent product, shipped quickly and excellent packaging. I will be back whenever I need more !

Common Sense Construction (27/06/2016)


product was excellent, and received quickly. would recommend to others

norman (21/05/2017)


Every home owner or business owner should keep trim bender web site handy Very easy to use web site ,very good product bent the way you want it You can't find a shop like this locally,and to get someone to do a small project is impossible,,,so glad I found this shop,,,I'll be using them for a lot of small custom bent small jobs and for jobs needing multiple pcs, I'll rate them better then good,,I'll say excellent

Karl sewall (07/11/2016)


I covered 8 , 35 year old window sills with Trim Benders, Aluminum window sills. The product exceeded my expectations and were very easy to install. It took me app 45 minutes to cover each sill including caulking. The outcome was fantastic and will last for many years. As a side note, a local window repair company quoted me $ 110.00 per sill to replace with wood. I was able to replace 10 total sills for app $ 90.00 delivered. I SAVED over $ 900.00 and will order materials to finish EVERY sill in our home.

RMP (21/09/2015)